Female hair loss
 Female Hair Loss Can Be Treated
Market research has shown that a serious build up of bacteria and dirt on hair roots is one of the main contributors to female hair loss. The residue left behind from hair sprays and other type products clog up the hair follicles needs to be removed to help prevent female hair loss.
Female hair loss also can be attributed to stress, it affect your hair just like stress affects your heart and other parts of your body, cells quit reproducing and the hair falls out. Even traumas mental and physical have been known to cause female hair loss usually 3 to 6 months after the trauma occurs. Female hair loss in this type needs to be treated from inside the head usually results is good for hair regrowth.

Female hair loss also happens due to DHT the conversion of testosterone to a derivative commonly known as dht.It causes female hair loss by breaking down the hair follicles and attaching itself to genetically predetermined hair follicles. It can cause the blood supply that feeds a hair to become damaged the dht slowly thins the hair over time.

Female hair loss analysis concludes the effects of DHT on the root and stem of the hair. DHT compromises the blood supply, therefore hair nutrition treated as well in those desiring any type of "regrowth effect". Dht usually causes several related types of female hair loss including hair nutrition deficiencies and emotional stress that can affect the hair as well. Hair grows shorter in the scalp and the result in a much thinner hair. There are products for female hair loss that thicken the scalps skin and cause the hair to grow deeper for a better blood supply thicker hair.

Malnutrition can cause female hair loss:

Rapid eating habits changes can cause hair loss even if the diets are high in protein.

Vegetarian diets with low protein can cause hair problems including hair loss.

Fad diets put stress on the body similar to emotional stress which causes the hair cells to quit reproducing.

Low protein diets that cause female hair loss are not difficult to correct and you should be aware your hair is just like a meter for your body it sends out signs that let you know about your protein levels.

Some other things that can cause female hair loss are hair perms and relaxers; they can burn the scalp and cause root and follicle damage.

What’s the solution to female hair loss?

Fortunately, thanks to science and modern research there are many products and treatments available for female hair loss here are a few you might try.

Universities have researched biotin and have been found to block DHT. It can be taken orally; many people believe that combinations of products are more effective at stopping and blocking DHT than just biotin by its self.

Biotin Shampoos and conditioners:
Used daily, this shampoo can help replenish important nutrients necessary for healthy scalp and hair. Our special formula contains biotin, a member of the B-complex family, one of the most important amino acids for healthy hair growth.

Rogaine for women:
Clinically proven for female hair loss and regrow hair with 2% Minoxidil topical solution revitalizes hair follicles new, easy to use applicator
Rogaine for female hair loss is for ladies who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp. Rogaine for women has been shown to regrow hair in ladies with the degrees of thinning hair or hair loss as shown on the side of the package –see the box for details. If women have more hair loss than shown on package examples, Rogaine for women may not work. Do not use Rogaine for women if you have patchy hair loss.

If you are suffering with female hair loss see a doctor and get the facts before its too late, female hair loss can be treated.


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