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Eventually most men experience hair loss, for most men this lowers their self esteem and their confidence. I am only 19 years old my father still has all is hair so why do I have hair loss? If you have found yourself thing this way you need to know it’s a very common problem hair loss often starts in your teenage years and with age it becomes even more common in men.

You see there is a hormone called testosterone and what happens to cause hair loss is this hormone testosterone is converted in a man to what’s called 5-DHT, another hormone in your hair follicles. Hair loss then starts on the front and top of the scalp because 5-DHT miniaturizes the hair follicles and over the years hair loss continues until you are bald. This type of hair loss is often called male pattern baldness.

Significant hair loss affects well over one-half of the adult male population and can start in your teen years. You are not along with this problem, it’s so common that hair loss is considered normal in adult males.

So what can I do about my hair loss?
There are all types of products treatments and procedures to deal with the problem of hair loss. Some popular product treatments are Rogaine for men and Rogaine for women. Then there is Propecia that claims not only to stop hair loss but actually claims to grow new hair and is FDA approved.

Another common hair loss procedure that is popular is called; Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. This is where a strip of hair filled with follicular units is removed from the back of the scalp and then placed into the front of the scalp where it is balding. The follicular units of hair from this strip will grow wherever it is planted just as it did in the back of the scalp. I suggest you check with your local hair loss clinics for more information on this type procedure for hair loss.

Hair loss can cause psychological problems; it’s often found that premature baldness causes men to feel a loss of self-esteem, depression, introversion, and neuroticism and feeling unattractiveness. Especially for young men in case studies of self-esteem, introversion and feeling unattractive. Whether you are a man or a women hair loss is usually an undesirable thing that lowers your self worth.

Women hair loss research has proven Hair loss may first become noticeable in some females in their 20's but female pattern baldness will hit 25 - 30% of women after age 50. It’s medically proven the most effective treatment for female pattern hair loss is the use of Rogaine (Monoxidil).

Stress can cause hair loss, high levels of stress has been known to cause some hair loss, but usually temporary. There are many other things that can cause hair loss like Autoimmune disease and using certain drugs, some illness and nutritional deficiency may also cause hair loss early in males. Trauma to the head accompanied by scarring can cause permanent damage to hair follicles. Even tight hairdos can inflame hair follicles, destroying them and stopping hair growth. Please note most hair loss is genetic. Studies show genetic hair loss accounts for 95% of the people is inherited. It’s the genetic coding that hair follicles receive during formation in the womb.

Hair loss transplantation can be very expensive to say the least, hair transplant grafts can cost between $2.50-$10 each. The cost of the hair transplant procedure can range from $1,000-$15,000 and up. It depends a lot on how large the particular hair transplant session will be. Some hair loss treatment centers will offer what’s called in house finance programs to help make this service more affordable.


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