Hair transplant
 Tips About A Hair Transplant
Every Day more men and women get a hair transplant, the only permanent solution to male and female hair loss. Unfortunately, many consider a hair transplant to be the last resort, only after exhausting all the over the counter options like Rogaine and similar types of products.

One of the most important steps in getting a hair transplant is to educate yourself thoroughly about a hair transplant and selecting the right clinic.
I strongly believe that 100% education on the process is important before you start this type of treatment.

Lets look at the cost factor;

A hair transplant can be very expensive to say the least, hair transplant grafts can cost between $2.50-$10 each. The cost of the hair transplant procedure can range from $1,000-$15,000 and up. It depends a lot on how large the particular hair transplant session will be. Some hair loss treatment centers will offer what’s called in house finance programs to help make this service more affordable.

When looking around to select a clinic for a hair transplant be aware of:

Tip 1. A hair transplant will change your life. Sure a hair transplant will raise your self esteem and even make you look better but its no a magic solution to win back an old girl friend.

Tip 2. Beware of trying to talk you into a hair transplant because maybe you aren’t ready for that step and they are just trying to earn a commission.

Tip 3. Many physicians are not dermatologists and are inadequately trained to perform this type

Tip 4. Clinics that aren’t up front with there prices about a hair transplant.

Tip 5. Hair transplant clinics that guarantee you 100% success.

Tip 6. Ask to see some before and after photos of other clients they have done their treatment on.

Tip 7. Ask if the grafts microscopically dissected?

Tip 8. If your hair transplant doctor is not the one doing your initial consultation, you should leave and do not have your hair transplant performed by that hair clinic or hair transplant group.

Tip 9.See if they belong to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons which is a consumer organization that selectively screens skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons.
Before you make that final decision to get a hair transplant ask your self the question have I tried all the other options on the market?

Have you tried the new product called Propecia?

The only FDA-Approved proven pill to treat male pattern hair loss for the top and mid-scalp area of a mans head is Propecia. If you are looking for a approved hair growth solution that works ask your doctor about Propecia.

Risks associated with hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant procedures are performed as out-patient surgery in the clinic under local anesthesia. Its a commonly safe procedure with very low complications, as with any surgery, there are risks. These risks, although rare, will be discussed prior to your procedure.

Are hair transplant procedures painful?

Hair transplant procedures are performed in a doctor's office under local anesthesia. Patients might feel some pain or discomfort is when the anesthia is administered.

Lets get to the bottom line about a hair transplant, if you are seriously thinking about hair transplant, it may make you look younger but it wont repair old relationships or win back a old sweetheart. If you get a hair transplant do
it for yourself, it’s a big step; so be sure you check with several hair transplant clinics in your local area and compare prices and techniques a hair transplant could be a great step in your life.


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