Why Rogaine?
So your hair is thinning because the follicles in your scalp have been shrinking for years and will continue until you are bald. If you use Rogaine twice a day it will stimulate your hair follicles and in many cases may produce some new hair growth. Users of Rogaine claim that after about 4 months they have noticed some thickening and new hair growth.

Here are some simple facts about Rogaine:

* Male pattern hair loss is inherited from a parent
* The sooner you start using Rogaine the better chance you have of hair regrowth
* Rogaine has no effect on your hormones it is only applied to your scalp
* Rogaine is so fast and easy to apply
* Rogaine has been approved by the FDA
* Rogaine is not for everyone.
* In a small percentage of Rogaine users it has caused some scalp irritation
* You must wait 4 hours after applying Rogaine before washing your hair or swimming.
* Millions of men and women have used Rogaine

Rogaine is FDA approved and can be purchased over the counter the active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil, regular Rogaine contains 2% minoxidil and extra strength contains 5% minoxidil. Common side effects using Rogaine are limited to itching, inflammation and redness at the site of application.

How to be safe buying Rogaine online:
When you are checking out an online pharmacy be sure that their physical address and telephone number is posted clearly on their website.
Be sure a registered pharmacist is available for questions concerning your prescription.
The FDA has guidelines that can also help you feel safe in ordering online prescription drugs:
* A great place to find out if a pharmacy is licensed is the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (
* Do not use a pharmacy that does not have a registered pharmacist online for you to talk to concerning any questions you may have.
* Do not use a website that does not have an actual address and telephone posted in clear site.
* Be sure to read and understand their security and privacy rules. Do not give out any personal information until you are sure they keep these records confidential. (Some companies on the internet do share information with advertising companies and other parties)
* At this time it is still illegal to import drugs into the United States, so be sure that you are buying from a United States located pharmacy.
* If they claim to have a miracle cure all, avoid them.
* If the language on the website is medical and sounds very technical in nature be sure that it really means something, not just a bunch of terminology to confuse you.
* And above talk with you doctor before taking a drug of any type for the first time.
Some pharmacies only have a license to sell drugs in the state in which they operate while others have license to sell to clients in other states. Be sure that the online pharmacy you choose can sell the drugs to you legally.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of buying Rogaine online.
* Buying Rogaine online will save you a trip to your drugstore.
* You could save money; not only in the price of Rogaine, but the gas you saved by not leaving home.
* You can find safe pharmacies to buy Rogaine online
* It is more private to order your medication from your home.

Rogaine has worked for millions of men and women if you are losing your hair
And are thinking about trying Rogaine check with a doctor and see if it could work for you.


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